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About HealthWorks in Los Feliz

I established my practice in May 2005.

My first office was in The Thatcher Medical Building in Pasadena. When I was a kid my doctor was in the building and I always thought it was a great location to open my practice.

When you walk into my office I want you to feel comfortable, at ease, and know that you have come to the right place. I have dedicated myself to continuing education and staying up to date on the most current and effective techniques. That is why I decided to become advanced rated in Activator Technique. This is a technique which is very gentle on the patient. It eliminates the popping and often uncomfortable positions you experience with other chiropractic techniques.

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Relief or wellness care… it’s your choice.

Unique Practice

My practice is unique because we blendchiropractic care with nutrition, stress management along with ergonomic and postural evaluations to give you the best possible results. Our practice does not focus solely on pain management, but provides you with the tools and tips for lasting health, and gives the patient control over their own progress.

My goal is to improve the health of the community through education andchiropractic healthcare. I believe in identifying the ‘true’ root of your pain or chronic health issue. My practice has a dual focus – to rid you of pain and to provide lifestyle changes to prevent your condition from returning or getting worse.

I find the patients that get the best results understand that the way they deal with the physical, chemical and emotional stressors in their life impact their overall well being. Patients that get the best results in my office are those that understand: good health is a choice that takes effort, commitment to care, and are open to working with me on a nutritional plan and health goals.

Common Question

The most common question I get in my office is usually two-fold; can you help me and how long is it going to take? I let my patients know I am very up front and fully explain what the core health issues are that need to be addressed. The most common issues I see are usually poor posture, poor eating habits that cause inflammation, and a sedentary lifestyle. I explain I am going to do my part to remove the interference in the nervous system that is causing the problem but they have to do their part as well.

If they follow their personalized treatment plan and keep their scheduled appointments, they can expect better and faster results.

My Hope

I really believe the health of the community would be vastly improved if they would simply remember one rule: Prevention is the key to good health. It’s much harder to chase after good health once it has already failed you. We are so conditioned to take medications for any ache or pain that we ignore the real problems plaguing our systems by looking for a ‘quick fix.’

I am trying, one patient at a time, to change the way they move, eat and the way they think about their health. Health is a choice but you need information and tools to know what the right choices are for YOU. My hope for our generation and future generations to come is that patients realize they have the power to treat themselves through maintenance and prevention.

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