Chiropractic Testimonials

Medical Doctors Couldn’t Help!

“I was never a believer in Chiropractic, that is, until I spoke with Dr. Phil about it and came in for treatment. I’ve had trouble with my elbow for years and no medical doctors were able to help me… Dr. Phil was. Since I have been treated I have continued once a month visits to keep everything in line. Dr. Phil is compassionate, realistic and sensitive in dealing with any problem. He has worked for and deserves my highest recommendation. I can not thank him more heartily.”

- Marlene

67 Years Old, Going on 29

“Dear Dr. Phil,

You are an excellent coach! I like being 67 years old, would not be young again for all the tea in China, but my body rebels.

Your recommendations for exercise, nutrition and chiropractic adjustment have done wonders for me. Sometimes hard to continue because I feel so good but there are slip ups and I am convinced this is a good and safe maintenance program perfect for me and my life style. At my age if I don’t have my health my whole world would fall apart. Thank you.”

- Jane

Chronic Low Back Pain

“I began my treatment with Dr. Phil this past January. I was suffering with chronic lower back pain for many years due to an old injury. Within a few short weeks after beginning treatment, I have noticed much improvement and greater mobility. Words cannot describe my joy! Thank you Dr. Phil”

- Lisa

Dr. Phil Can Steer You Back to Health

“Dr. Phil has really helped me with ongoing issues related to back pain and tendinitis. But more importantly he has helped me create a wellness plan that not only reduced my pain but has improved my strength and cut down my overall inflammation and joint problems.

Since his background is in biology, research, and wellness you can ask him about anything and get well rounded answers. If you need a doctor that you can trust to be objective, and can help steer you back to good health, or just help you improve your overall well being, give Dr. Phil a call. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks Dr. Phil!”

- Roger


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