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Your First Visit to Our Los Feliz Practice

You will be warmly welcomed and made to feel at home. Help is on its way!

You will be warmly welcomed and made to feel at home. Help is on its way!

Welcome to HealthWorks! Arriving at a doctor’s office for the first time can be a nerve racking experience. Paperwork to fill out, new faces and names to learn, and getting to know your way around the office; this can hit the senses all at the same time causing overload.

In contrast, at HealthWorks our aim is to remove any stressor causing unnecessary tension and make you feel comfortable.

Patient Forms

Upon entering our office our receptionist will greet you and welcome you as a member of our family. We will request you fill our patient forms. The paperwork provides us with general information about yourself and your condition. Make sure to bring a form of photo ID and your medical insurance card. It’s a good idea to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled visit to complete the paper work or click here to download them, complete and bring them in on your scheduled visit.


Next you will have a consultation with the doctor to discuss your health-related problems, concerns, as well as potential treatment options. Your first visit is designed for the doctor to learn more about you, your condition and your expectations to determine whether chiropractic care will help you meet your goals. The doctor will answer any questions and concerns you may have.


After your consultation, the doctor will perform a complete chiropractic examination testing your reflexes, your ability to turn and bend as well as other standard neurologic, orthopedic, postural, and physical examinations. Nothing will be done in our office without your consent.

X-Ray Studies

Your specific condition may require us to refer you out for x-rays to get a full evaluation of your condition. X-rays help us rule out more serious conditions or assist us in developing the most effective treatment plan for you.

At the end of the first visit, the doctor will need time to review your history, examination finding and any other diagnostic tests in order to decide if chiropractic care is appropriate for your condition. For this reason, a chiropractic adjustment is usually not given on the first visit. If you are in pain, adjunctive therapies such as physiotherapy, ice or heat therapy may be used to start easing your pain.

The first visit usually takes anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour.

See what the Second Visit looks like, by clicking here.

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