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Los Feliz Chiropractor : Dr. Phil Ricchiazzi
Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area

Chiropractor in Los Feliz Is Unique

Los Angeles chiropractic patients are all unique, and at HealthWorks we treat you that way. What makes us unique among Los Angeles chiropractors is our commitment to your health through chiropractic care, nutrition, stress management and ergonomic and postural evaluations.

At Health Works, we believe education is important.

As Dr. Phil Ricchiazzi explains, “We don’t just offer you pain management; we offer you lasting health. When patients understand how lifestyle changes can help them find better health – and keep it – they feel empowered to take control of their own health.”

Prevention is a key to wellness. Treating pain or illness with medication is what we’ve been conditioned to do, but these quick fixes don’t address the underlying issues. Removing the nerve interferences that cause health problems, and making healthier choices, can help you restore your health and find true wellness. Call our Los Feliz chiropractic office today to get started on your wellness path!

Los Feliz, Silverlake and Hollywood families enjoy chiropractic
and its amazing benefits.
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